Flexible Clearance Services in Christchurch BH23 and surronding areas of Dorset

Shed Declutter and Dismantling Service

We offer two main services for customers with sheds in Christchurch, Dorset.

Service 1. Shed Clearance (Declutter)

Sheds are a hotspot for storing away items that most likely will never see the light of day ever again. Overtime and before you know it, your shed could be full up, so much, that its overwhelming for one person to sort alone and often resulting in the need to make multiple trips to the tip. At HCC. We have been helping customers in Christchurch with Shed Clearance services for more than 25 years, simply tell our team what you want to be removed and disposed of, and we will do the rest.

Service 2. Shed Dismantling and Disposal Service

No matter how much you look after your shed, they all rot, eventually. If you want to get your garden space back or want it dismantled so that you can put a new one in its place, then our team is here to help you. We sort, clear and dispose of any rubbish, or unwanted items in the shed, and then begin then start dismantling and getting rid of the wood, windows and nails in the process.

old shed with message we clear dismantle and dispose

Waste Carriers License, Superb Track Record and Premium Insurance

Rest assured that every service we provide is above board. We have a superb track record serving both domestic and business customers across Dorset. We registered and licensed with the Environment Agency (waste carriers license) and we premium public liability insurance as you would expect from any professional company.